About us

We are Supporters of 1. Hanauer FC 1893, one of the oldest football clubs in Germany. Since the mid eighties the club wasn´t doing well and will be playing in the 7th division (Bezirksliga) next season.

The »Supporters Hanau« exist since 1987. Despite the backlashes on the pitch (once down to the lowest division...) and the fact that we have two „big clubs” in our neighbourhood (Eintracht Frankfurt, 1st div., and Kickers Offenbach, 2nd div.) we still managed to keep a small but colourfull and active fans scene running and create regulary a good athmosphere around the games of our club.

There is a mixture of people, some are involved from the beginning but there is also a new generation which brought fresh energy into the »Supporters Hanau«. The attitude of the group is strictly against racism and fascist tendencies in football and the rest of the life.

The »Supporters Hanau« organize since 1992 a football tournament for regional teams aswell as fansteams from allover germany and other countries. The tournement takes place in a friendly athmosphere and fans from different teams celebrate together and are having a good time. The important thing is the respect between each other and to be open for everyone taking place in the tournament.

Organising our own and visiting other tournaments (like the Mondiali Antirazzisti in Italy) brought us many contacts to fansgroups with a similar idea in germany and other european countries (like England, France, Baske country, Italy...)